Talk Fusion Founder & CEO Bob Reina releases a bald eagle into the wild.

Founder & CEO Bob Reina Gives the Gift of Freedom

RIP Hootie!When he discovered that a young owl had crashed into his living room window and injured herself last week, Founder & CEO (and proud animal activist) Bob Reina did what he does best: he took action. He immediately called Tampa Bay Bird Rescue to save “Hootie” and help her recover from the collision.

Sadly, the sweet bird passed away a few days later due to a severe concussion, but the event led to the beginning of a heartwarming relationship between Bob and members of the Tampa Bay Bird Rescue staff.

Bob learned that the staff faces a huge obstacle every time they try to save one of these majestic creatures: the nearest medical facility, Audubon’s Bird of Prey Center, is all the way in Maitland. The 1.5-hour drive makes it difficult to offer timely remedial assistance to injured, ill, and troubled birds when they need it most. Having a medical center nearby, they explained, would drastically increase the number of lives saved.

If you know Bob, then you already know his response: “How can I help?”

Continuing his commitment to giving back and using his success for the greater good, Bob immediately contributed $5,000 without hesitation. His generous donation will help expedite the establishment of a new bird medical and rescue center in the Tampa Bay area. While development plans are still in the works, Bob is comforted to know that his contribution will certainly make a difference.

Courage, Strength, and Servant Leadership

To demonstrate their gratitude for his donation, Audubon’s Bird of Prey Center invited Bob to participate in a release ceremony in Dunedin, Florida for a bald eagle who had recently recovered from a territorial squabble with another eagle.

What had been a normal Tuesday afternoon became a once-in-a-lifetime experience, as Bob personally held and freed the eagle so it could return to its nesting area. Watch the Tampa Bay Times’ video of Bob sending this powerful creature to a life of freedom.

Thank you, Founder & CEO Bob Reina, for your inspiring actions and constant example of Servant Leadership!


UPDATED 8/29/2016: The beautiful eagle Bob released in October is healthier, happier, and stronger than ever! She just returned from migration with her mate (see the image below; she’s on the right, still wearing her tag!). Tampa Bay Raptor Rescue is very grateful for Founder & CEO Bob Reina’s heartfelt contribution and participation in the incredible release.

Bald eagle recovers and returns safely from migration in Tampa, Florida