Talk Fusion Networking Tips: Testimonials

Fine-tune Your Testimonial Technique

On a scale of 1 – 10, how would you rate your testimonial?

As a Talk Fusion Associate, it’s essential that you know your success story inside out and can share it both quickly and articulately. Whether you’re meeting with a prospect over coffee, helping a personally sponsored Associate close the sale on a 3-way call, or giving a testimonial on a live Opportunity Presentation, if your testimonial isn’t inspiring or interesting, it might diminish your credibility or cost your team a sale.

Now, YOU might think your delivery is…

But that won’t get you far if your prospect is feeling like…

So why waste time—and risk potential commissions—by guessing? Use these tips to nail your testimonial delivery every time.

Anatomy of a Testimonial

No matter where it’s being served—on a conference call or in the Live Meetings interface—your testimonial should be short, sweet, and compelling: a two-minute-or-less tour through your past, present, and future.


What was your occupation / financial situation before you were introduced to Talk Fusion? Why did you get involved?

WITH TALK FUSION (the present)

How has your life improved since making that decision? For example, have you reached a distinguished rank, enjoyed more free time or vacations, or can you better provide for your family? Be sure to touch on how you did it (by following our simple, four-step system of course!) so the prospect doesn’t feel that success is out of reach.

WHERE YOU’RE HEADED (the future)

What are your future goals for growth, and very importantly, how do they apply to the prospect? Why is now a great time for him or her to get involved with Talk Fusion and be part of your team? Be sure to speak in BENEFIT. (This is a crucial point to hit on 3-way calls!)

The Underlying Strategy

You might be thinking, “Why is my ‘testimonial’ so important that Talk Fusion Corporate took the time to write an article about it? Can’t I just wing it?”

Whether you’re a 1 Star or a Blue Diamond, you’re somebody’s upline, which means an Associate is counting on you to help support them as they build their Talk Fusion business.
Until your downline members are able to develop a strong success story of their own, they’ll need to borrow your credibility first.


And THAT is why your story MATTERS.

In addition to establishing credibility, your testimonial also validates that:

  • Talk Fusion WORKS and is making an impact in people’s lives around the world.
  • Success is attainable with this business.
  • Good things happen to those who work hard.
  • Our video products are valuable and effective, helping businesses and individuals meet and exceed their goals.
  • Saying “Yes” to this company changed your life.
  • Real people get real results at Talk Fusion.
  • Earning income from a team effort is better and more liberating than working the traditional (and limiting) “9-5.”
  • The time to get involved is NOW!

Do’s and Don’ts

Next time the broadcast host lights up your camera during a live presentation, keep these key “do’s and don’ts” in mind.

DO NOT: Make income claims.

Talk Fusion is a proud member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA); practicing our commitment to the highest ethical standards is a group effort—and that includes each and every Talk Fusion Associate across the globe. To make projections of expected earnings would not only be misleading, but extremely unfair to your prospect and the company’s reputation. Remember to refer to the Talk Fusion Income Disclosure Statement whenever necessary; this chart is readily available on, in your Back Office, and is also included in all Talk Fusion presentation materials.

DO: Use real-life examples and anecdotes to describe how Talk Fusion has enhanced your lifestyle, without bringing dollar amounts or income brackets into the conversation. Briefly mention how proud you were to send your daughter to college, or to fulfill a promise to your son, or to ride around in your brand-new car (and prove those naysayers wrong).

DO NOT: Go on forever.

No, seriously… On the list of plausible reasons why people tune you out, going on too long is #1—and rightfully so. Don’t make your team members cut you off with music like they do at Hollywood award shows. Get to the point and wrap it up!

DO: Be concise! Your lips are moving, but is your audience absorbing, enjoying, and benefitting from what you’re saying? This should be your TOP priority.

DO NOT: Over rehearse.

After your 20th 3-way call, you may think you have your testimonial down to a science, but it’s always good to stay innovative and fresh. If you use the same verbiage over and over, your testimonial will lack authenticity and may sound too rehearsed or boring.

DO: Be dynamic! You know your story better than anyone else. How many different ways can you describe your Talk Fusion journey? Look up synonyms of your go-to phrases, reflect on your favorite Talk Fusion memories, and jot some new ideas down to share with your upline.

Product Testimonials

Make sure you have a solid product testimonial in mind at all times; you never know when you’ll meet or be asked to attend a 3-way call with a potential new Customer. Give kudos to Talk Fusion’s all-in-one Video Marketing Solution for helping you communicate better and build your business, or tell the prospect about a business or charity you know of that has gotten impressive results.

Check out your Impact Guide in your Back Office for a list of ready-to-use product testimonials you can add to your pitch, or simply visit our powerful testimonials page.

Shared Success is the BEST Success

Next time the spotlight’s on you and it’s testimonial time, REMEMBER:

  • Speak clearly, yet swiftly.
  • Choose your words wisely.
  • Tell your tale with pride and enthusiasm.
  • Be conscious of income claims.
  • All roads lead back to your prospect. Make sure your success story resonates with them so you can make a true impact and welcome them to Talk Fusion!