Talk Fusion Celebrates National Single Parent's Day

Family First: A Single Mother’s Success Story

Talk Fusion Celebrates National Single Parent's Day

In 1984, late U.S. President Ronald Reagan declared March 21st as National Single Parent Day. We celebrate those “who strive to fill the role of both mother and father,” for their “sacrifices, devotion, and concern reflect the bonds of caring for those they have brought into this world.” – Ronald Reagan, Presidential Proclamation

Today, we honor all the single parents around the world who have built a better lifestyle for their families! Amongst this group of dedicated, independent parents is Blue Diamond Svetlana Shodunke, a mother of three who knew that Talk Fusion would allow her to be successful “regardless of education or position.”

“Talk Fusion gave me the opportunity to show my children that anybody can achieve anything,” Svetlana said. “They’re really proud of me.”

Through her example, Svetlana’s three sons Denis, 27, Vlad, 16, and Jason, 13, have developed a greater understanding of the value of money and hard work. “They know how it feels to live on the bread line,” she said. “We never want to go back to how we were a couple of years ago; that always motivates me to move forward with my business by looking for new leaders in new markets.”

Svetlana recently returned from a successful 3-week trip to Kazakhstan where she feverishly shared our products and business opportunity with others, motivated her team members, and continued to develop her large international business. Her sons happily anticipated her return home. “It’s not easy, but I’m proud that they have grown into young men who understand that I’m traveling for the benefit for the family.”

Svetlana and her oldest son at Talk Fusion's Dream Getaway in Maui, Hawaii.

Home-based businesses like Talk Fusion make it easier for single parents to live their dreams and support their families. Svetlana not only enjoys being her own boss; she also gets to spend her “time freedom” making memories with her sons while at home or on vacations. Svetlana’s success allows her to extend both financial and emotional support as the boys pursue their own dreams and career paths.

“Talk Fusion is the best decision I’ve ever made. I definitely advise single parents to look at this opportunity,” Svetlana said. “I’m there for my children when they need me most and I don’t need to rely on anyone to support them.

“I really appreciate Founder & CEO Bob Reina for giving me and my family an opportunity to experience the meaning of the words ‘financial freedom.’ With Talk Fusion, we have what we couldn’t even dream about four years ago. It has changed our family life and could change yours.”

Svetlana's younger sons help celebrate her success at the Believe Event in Tampa, Florida (2013).

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