Talk Fusion Video Chat Beta testing instructions

Experience Video Chat Beta!

Talk Fusion Video Chat Beta testing instructionsThe all-new mobile, web, and desktop versions of Video Chat Beta have officially arrived, and EVERYONE gets to be part of the excitement!

It’s time to change how the world communicates all over again. Experience firsthand how Video Chat Beta makes it easier than ever to connect with your team 24/7, get plugged in to our proven system, and impress prospects when sharing our products and business opportunity.

Where to Download the App

Visit your iTunes or Google Play Store to download it now.
Already have the app installed on your phone or tablet? All you have to do is update it!

Log in to your Product Dashboard and select “Video Chat”.

Download the new version of the Talk Fusion Desktop Application directly from your Product Dashboard, available for Windows (32- and 64-bit) and Mac. If the latest version is already installed on your desktop, simply open it to prompt an auto update! This version sports a hot, new look and allows you to use Video Chat directly within the application, in addition to its pre-existing quick links and innovative Live Meetings features.

Talk Fusion Video Chat - desktop version


How to Submit Feedback 

We want to hear from you! In order to help our IT Team ensure their perfection, please email your feedback to and be sure to include:

Your name
Your ID #
Screenshots of what you are experiencing
The following device information:
– Specify between Apple or Android; include the type of device you are using and its iOS version.
WEB – Specify between Mac or PC; include which browser you are using and what version; plus your device’s operating system version and number (Windows or MacOS).
DESKTOP – Specify between Mac or PC; include your device’s operating system version and number (Windows or MacOS).

You can submit feedback as often as you want. With your help, Video Chat will become the top downloaded communication app in the world.


Video Chat User Guide

Follow these simple steps to explore all the new features! 

Talk Fusion Video Chat Beta Login ScreenLOG IN
Enter your Talk Fusion ID and password to begin. The “log in as guest” option allows non-Talk Fusion members to use the app.

Symbolized by the camera icon, a video chat is where you can connect face-to-face with one or more users, powered by award-winning technology. Just like in previous versions, you can invite others to join you by sharing the room link or name with them. Want more privacy? Require a password for entry.

Video Chat contacts listThe message icon brings you to our new group chat feature. Here, you can create groups and participate in text conversations with one or many users.

We’ve added your personally sponsored Associates and two generations of your upline to your contacts list. If a user has the green “online” symbol next to their name, they’re using the app right now and are available to video chat!

Tap the camera icon next to a team member’s name to start a video meeting in real time. The chat icon allows you to start a text conversation between you and that person.

Click on the Conversations icon to access your chat history and create new group conversations.

Create a new conversation by selecting the plus sign (mobile and desktop) or clicking on “group chat” (web). Enter a name or title for your conversation and then select people to join!

You can participate in as many conversations as you’d like. Click the gear icon to manage your conversation settings, add and remove participants, and even archive, delete, or leave the room.

Need help with your Video Chat or Talk Fusion Desktop App? We’re here to help you help US! Email if you have any questions or need assistance.