Dive in to the Customer Pool

Dive In – The Customer Pool is FINE!

Some really amazing things happened on April 12, 2016 when Talk Fusion launched its Free Trial program. Businesses, nonprofits, and people around the world were given the ability to try all of Talk Fusion’s Video Marketing Solution products for 30 days, absolutely free. If that wasn’t enough cause for celebration, with the advent of Free Trials, Talk Fusion Independent Associates found an entirely new way to earn a bonus: the Customer Pool!

Customer pool bonuses are given to 20 Associates every month
Customer Pool Bonus Chart*

Building a strong Customer base has always made smart business sense, but now it can help an Associate earn an extra bonus, too. Talk Fusion awards a monthly cash bonus to the top 20 Associates who personally sponsor the most new Customers in any given month. That means whoever personally signed the most new Customers in June earns the top bonus of $1000 USD! There are 20 winners every month of the year!

That adds up to over $6500 USD given each month to the 20 hard-working Talk Fusion Associates who each personally sign the most new Customers. All qualified Associates of any rank can participate in the Customer Pool. Once you personally sponsor a minimum of 3 new Customers in a given month, you’re eligible for the bonus.

Now there’s an incentive to make the best use of Free Trials!

An Equal Chance Every Month

The bonus pool resets every month and totals don’t accumulate from one month to the next. So maybe you had a really great month in July, but in August you’re back at the start with everyone else; that way everyone always has a fair chance to reach the top.

That means only the new Customers who are sponsored during that month
count toward the total for that month.

It also means that only Customers signed personally by each Associate will count. While Talk Fusion is very much team-oriented, this is an individual achievement that anyone on your team can earn.  Cheer on your teammates while you work to make the Top 20 yourself!

Sharing Talk Fusion's all-in-one Video Marketing SolutionThe Customer Pool is clearly a great new incentive bonus for Associates to grow their Customer base every month. Free Trials are clearly a perfect way to help introduce Talk Fusion’s all-in-one Video Marketing Solution to prospective new Customers who count toward that bonus. If only there was some easy-to-follow guide that could teach you everything you need to find more Customers using Free Trials and grow your Talk Fusion business.

Oh, wait. There is!

Free Trials with an IMPACT

Talk Fusion created the all-new Impact Guide for this very reason. This is vital information to set an Associate on the path to connecting with prospective Customers and sharing Talk Fusion. You not only help your own business, but you can help companies of all sizes boost their sales, profits, and referrals; establish stronger customer relationships; and build a better, brighter future.

Talk Fusion Impact GuideTalk Fusion Associates can find the Impact Guide in multiple languages in their Back Office under Getting Started. Learn from the best in the language you select!

To sponsor more Customers you’ll want to create a powerful list of businesses who could benefit from Talk Fusion. Check out the Impact Guide; it shows you the best way to do it.

Use the Impact Guide Memory Jogger for creative ideas and suggestions about where to find people, charities, and businesses who really need what you have to share.

And if you’re looking for great ways to connect with those people (and of course you are!) and introduce them to how the all-in-one Video Marketing Solution can boost their business, the Impact Guide is an invaluable resource.

Have you considered sending a prospective Customer one of our professionally-written sales letters in a Video Email or Video Newsletter? You should! The Impact Guide tells you how to make it happen and get the word out!

Follow the 4 Steps to Success in the Impact Guide!

Just Remember:

The Impact Guide gives you the 4 Steps to Success to keep growing your Customer base, so follow that path! If you finish any month in the Top 20, you’ll earn a bonus for that month… and be ready to start again the month after and the month after that! The more Free Trials you share, the more Customers will join, and the higher in the Customer Pool you go!

*This illustration depicts how the Talk Fusion compensation plan operates. It is not a representation of the results you should expect. Talk Fusion does not guarantee your success. For actual income statistics achieved by Talk Fusion Associates, see the Income Disclosure Statement.