5 Fun Facts about Dubai

Did you know…? 5 Fun Facts about Dubai

If you’re like most of the world, Dubai is a dream destination. The “City of Gold” continually makes the yearly list of the world’s Top 10 Most Visited Cities, and is ranked among the top destinations on sites like Trip Advisor, CNN, Forbes, and others.

Of course you’ve heard that Dubai is the fastest growing city on Earth. You also know it’s home to the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, and the tallest hotel in the world, the JW Marriott Marquis. But here are some equally fascinating facts about the paradise on the Persian Gulf.

1. Largest Shopping Center in the World

Looking for the perfect pair of shoes? Chances are you’ll find them in the Dubai Mall; with over 1,200 stores, it’s the largest shopping center in the world.

Just two years after opening, the Dubai Mall was the single most visited building on the planet, attracting over 34 million visitors in 2011 alone.

2. Vending Machines that Dispense Gold Bars

ATM Vending Machines that dispense GOLDChocolate bars may seem “golden” to some people, but in Dubai you can get the real thing. Not just gold bars, but at least 320 items made of 24-karat gold can be purchased directly from gold-plated ATM vending machines at the Dubai mall, including jewelry and gold coins.

Maybe that’s why 40% of all the physical gold traded in the world happens in Dubai.

3. Camel Racing with Robot Jockeys

Robot jockeys riding camels!A perfect combination of historic and futuristic, camels racing with tiny robots on their backs has become one of THE popular attractions.

As strangely clever as the idea sounds, it was actually put in place to phase out the use of small boys that used to be the camel riders. Robots are constructed to be about the same size and weight—and honestly, are so much cooler.

Robot jockeys!

4. Supercars in the Dubai Police Fleet

Dubai fleet of SUPERCARSA city like Dubai attracts the rich and famous, and they love their fast cars. To keep up, Dubai’s well-funded police force can fight speed with speed using some top-of-the-line supercars that read like your “I want ALL of these dream cars!” list: a McLaren MP4-12C, Nissan GT-R, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, Bugatti Veyron, Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari FF, BMW i8, and others.

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