Custom Video Email Templates Help Build Relationships

Custom Templates Build Relationships!

Custom Video Email Templates Build RelationshipsCustom Templates are a perfect example of how CONNECT Video Email puts a unique, personalized spin on classic email messaging and strengthens relationships with real heart and soul.

Case in point: Associate Akira May requested a very specific look from the Talk Fusion Art Department, envisioning a Video Email template crafted with “warm Earth tones” to create a feeling of personal connection.

Graphic submitted for Custom Template“I hope to use this template to target young girls in my Christian ministry who I want to uplift and inspire,” she wrote. However, the design also needed to be “flexible and not strictly geared to this particular thing” so it could serve multiple purposes.

Akira sent a single picture to be included.

The result is breathtaking.

Take advantage of your available custom templates to harness the true power of personalized, eye-catching Video Email. How will YOU use your custom template? Contact and we’ll make it happen!