One Custom Video Email Template Every Month with the Custom Plan

Custom Plan = 12 Months of Templates Every Year!

Marketing. It’s the key to setting your business apart from all the rest. It’s what draws in customers who become loyal to your brand. It’s what boosts referrals that keep your doors open.

It also happens to be our specialty at Talk Fusion. With our all-in-one Video Marketing Solution, we add powerful video to your email marketing that makes your brand shine above your competitors.

And with our new Custom Plan, you can have a brand-new (and reusable!) custom Video Email template created every month, designed to your brand and campaign specifications, to give your marketing that extra emphasis and sparkle. Our designers know how to make you look good—and you can upgrade to the Custom Plan at any time!

The Ultimate in Customization

On Tuesday, April 12th, 2016, we introduced three new Monthly Plans that let our customers “choose what they use” with a product package created for every taste, budget, and marketing need.

Our Video Email/Newsletter Plan gives full access to our two flagship marketing products, including 5,000 email contacts like our higher plans. The Basic Plan grants full access to all of our video marketing products at a price that other companies can’t even touch.

But our Custom Plan?

Oh, our Custom Plan. That gives you the best of everything and includes private labeling so your marketing can embrace your brand. On top of that: every single month you get a custom Video Email template created by our award-winning art department. YOU choose the topic, the content, even the colors. Every month a new custom Video Email template is added to your library.

You can request one-time use templates or designs that you can use over and over throughout the year.

Want to know what this could mean for your business?

Glad You Asked

With a new video email template every month, the possibilities are unlimited. Let’s take a look at a sample year of custom Video Email templates! Hope you are hungry to learn more; we’ll use a restaurant as our example (because everyone likes to eat)!

Remember, these are just examples. You can request any kind of template you wish in any month you like!


January is a time for renewal, for new things. What better time to introduce a new product, service, or menu item?

Custom Video Email Template


Valentine’s Day is always a perfect time to reach out to couples (or even hopeless romantics) from anywhere around the world. With the added personalization of video, your custom template can deliver a heartfelt message.

Custom Video Email Template


As the weather turns warmer, you can celebrate a return of Spring and flowers and the simple fact that people are happier to travel now.

Custom Video Email Template


A call for people to enjoy their life with friends is always welcome. Your business is the perfect place to share that feeling.

Email Template_April


A good way to grow brand loyalty, especially with online customers, is to promote a Customer Appreciation Program that rewards them for their business.

Custom Video Email Template


Use custom Video Email templates to promote your regular offers and specials and remind your customers why they want to frequent your business.

Custom Video Email Template


Simple gratitude is often overlooked in marketing, but thanking a customer for their business may be one of the most powerful messages you can send them. When someone feels appreciated and welcomed, they are more likely to return.

Custom Video Email Template


Wise and alert customers are always on the lookout for a fantastic bargain, so you want to have a custom template ready to let them know about your special offers and promotions.

Email Template_August


Big news is always important to share with regular customers and potential prospects alike. From new products or services to a remodeling or grand opening, people want to be involved with new and exciting things.

Custom Video Email Template


Birthdays and anniversaries are always great reasons to give a customer-specific coupon or discount.

Custom Video Email Template


It is important for you to celebrate milestones in your customers’ lives, too. Even life’s little victories can make a customer happy to celebrate with your business.

Custom Video Email Template


No marketing campaign would be complete without a holiday theme. It can be as simple as wishing them season’s greetings or considering them an extended family and asking them to share the joy of the season with your business.

Email Template_December

YOU Make It Personal

After just one year, you have a library of 12 custom Video Email templates you can use over again while new ones are continually created just for you every month based on your specifications. The best part is that you personalize every marketing message you send with a video of your choice that you attach.

It’s the kind of personal marketing that your customers will never forget,
either in their minds or in their wallets.

It’s marketing that generates brand loyalty that will stay with you. And it’s available for you at any time when you upgrade to a Talk Fusion Custom Plan.