don't be a part of the crowd

Conformity Isn’t For Winners

We’ve all done this. We’ve all tried desperately to fit in, to be popular, to fit into a mold. The average person never seems to want to break the status quo. Society drills it in that we need to step in line, to not make waves, to be quiet and small.

Well I’m here to break this down. Everyone has to grow out of this desire to blend in — blending in might be comforting and safe, sure, but it’s also very limiting.

Who do you know, after all, who has been ultra-successful and quiet?

Why Do We Want To Fit In?

Because so many people strive to conform, I think it’s important to interrogate why this is the case. Why do so many people want to fit in and what do they think they gain from it? That’s the question I’m answering.

More often than not, people conform to the status quo because they are afraid of being rejected by whatever group they want to be a part of. People will sacrifice their independence because of this fear.

I’m here to tell you that fear of rejection isn’t a good enough reason to “fit in.”

Rejection Happens. Get Used To It.

Rejection is a part of every aspect of our lives — personal and professional. You’re going to face rejection at almost every stage. You may not sit with the popular kids in the cafeteria. A significant other may break up with you. You may not get that dream job you were aiming for.

Putting on a front and pretending to be someone else doesn’t protect you from or prepare you for rejection. It just makes you fake.

Don’t Be Anyone Else But You

Is it cheesy to say you should be yourself? Sure, it can seem a little cheesy. But is it true? Absolutely.

If you just blend in, you’re relegating yourself to a life as a follower and you can lose who you’re supposed to be in the process. If you are going to succeed, you need to be a trailblazer. A trendsetter. A go-getter.

Do you want to be a winner, leader, or revolutionary? Then you have to do more than attempt to be someone who fits into an easy mold.

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