Talk Fusion in the news

MarketWatch Press Release: Talk Fusion Launches New Website with Intuitive, Interactive Product Pages

“Video marketing isn’t just an option in 2017; it’s a necessity,” Founder & CEO Bob Reina explained in a press release published on March 30, 2017. “Companies that don’t implement video in their marketing strategies within the next year or so are only giving competitors a greater advantage over them. Our key objective with […]

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Talk Fusion widescreen template contest

The Race to Widescreen

Innovation, opportunity, and timing – three simple words with an indescribable impact. Here at Talk Fusion, these are the ingredients that inspire us to push forward, evolve new ideas, and improve what’s already been perfected. With our latest product innovation, widescreen Video Email, we decided to take one extra leap: bringing timing and opportunity back […]

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Talk Fusion Video Email

Video Email in a Widescreen World

We’re ringing in our tenth year with an ultra-modern redesign of Video Email. And how sweet—and sleek—it is!   NEW SHAPE. The new video player is shaped just like a TV set or smartphone (hence the nickname “widescreen”). Compatible with even more devices and recording features of today, Video Email’s rectangular player is designed for […]

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Top marketing trends of 2017

Give the People What They Want in 2017

The 2017 predictions are in: Internet, video, and real-time communication are THE trends of the New Year. If you missed Talk Fusion’s latest broadcast, VP of Training & Development Allison Roberts joined Founder & CEO Bob Reina to give our Associates an inside look at Bob’s life, 2017 industry trends, and our vision for the future. Every […]

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Talk Fusion Video Chat Beta testing instructions

Experience Video Chat Beta!

The all-new mobile, web, and desktop versions of Video Chat Beta have officially arrived, and EVERYONE gets to be part of the excitement! It’s time to change how the world communicates all over again. Experience firsthand how Video Chat Beta makes it easier than ever to connect with your team 24/7, get plugged in to our […]

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