Setting SMART Goals

We all have dreams and we want to make them happen, but in order to do that it takes hard work, determination and perseverance. It’s important to set long-term goals for yourself, but how are you going to reach those goals? You need to set a plan for you and your life that involves smaller, […]

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Why I’m NOT Afraid of Change

It’s so important to shine a flashlight on our fears every once in a while. To take a moment and really examine what makes us afraid. To unpack why we have these fears in the first place. Some fear is necessary to survive, but too much of it and we risk holding ourselves back. It’s […]

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Talk Fusion paper heart Valentines Day

How to Live a Life You Love

You joined Talk Fusion because you wanted to make a change. You wanted to be part of something bigger than yourself. You wanted success. You wanted to live a life you love. Today, I want you to start loving your life. I want you to make it your mission to wake up every single day […]

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