Talk Fusion Founder & CEO Bob Reina

Bob Reina: World’s Greatest CEO

When people picture a successful CEO, they don’t always think of descriptions like “down to earth” or “readily accessible.” In fact, the first few traits they list might be “remote,” “grandiose,” or “somber.” Not everyone welcomes the idea of having to walk into that person’s office; many would truly dread it.

But it isn’t like that with Talk Fusion Founder & CEO Bob Reina because…well, he’s one cool dude.

The founder of the Brandon-based video communications company is just as likely to be stretched on the floor petting his rescue dog Bindi during a staff meeting as he is to be found hard at work behind his desk. One minute he’s on an international call, making sure that the company’s training guide is understood by team leaders in other countries, and the next, he’s giving a new hire a fist bump on his way out the door, asking, “Everything all right? You getting the hang of it?”

That humble demeanor and concern for the well-being of others goes all the way back to the earliest days of Bob’s work life. He was a Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Deputy before he found himself in direct sales. In fact, he started a network marketing position while still working for the police department.

“When I first began in direct selling over twenty years ago, I was working full-time as a policeman,” he confirms. “The only way we had to make extra money was by doing off-duty jobs. I made my share of mistakes, and there were many, many months when my phone bill was larger than my commission check,” he says. “But I stuck with it, sacrificing valuable ‘free time’ because I saw the potential in earning income from a team’s work rather than just my own. At the same time, however, I understood that direct selling was really just an opportunity—what I got out of it depended on the dedication and ‘sweat equity’ I put into it.”

More than just encouraging Talk Fusion Associates to be successful, Founder & CEO Bob Reina wants to help them pursue their dreams.Before long, Bob was a top salesman in the field, but he found a need that wasn’t being filled: video email. America Online said it was impossible, but Bob didn’t believe that for a second. He ultimately founded his own video communication company, Talk Fusion, enlisted IT mastermind Dr. Jonathan Chen, and set out to prove AOL wrong.

He did it, achieving what the internet giant said was impossible: video email sent! Bob went on to create a company with two goals: to create new video technology to change the way people connect, and use that as a new product type for a direct sales business, instead of vitamins, lotions, cosmetics or household products. The result was Talk Fusion, which has gone on to become one of the top network marketing companies.

That was just the beginning of Talk Fusion’s legendary story. Since then, Bob has leveraged his 20 years of relationship marketing and police officer background to push the boundaries of the video communications industry.

As a result of Bob’s natural drive, unique products soon followed the introduction of Video Email – Video Newsletters, Live Meetings, and the latest offering, Video Chat. Video Newsletters engage customers, capturing their interest with a vibrant, expressive style they won’t see anywhere else; Live Meetings video conferencing online enables an entire office to be anywhere with nothing more than an internet connection, a browser, and a web camera; and live Video Chat, which the company has offered on a free trial basis, enables users to set up chat rooms and hold video conversations from any device to every device – mobile, tablet, or computer.

A champion of animal causes, Bob is a respected member of his community, and is frequently recognized for his many civic contributions and charitable donations.

The story of Bindi the Shepherd mix is just one of many that show Bob’s compassion. Bob adopted Bindi from Hillsborough County Animal Services (HCAS) after the pup lost one of her front legs to an alligator attack. Local media picked up the story, and Bob was named a “Hometown Hero” shortly thereafter. Before long, Bindi went from being an injured animal to something of a canine celebrity, though she apparently hasn’t let it go to her head yet: she’s a near-permanent fixture at Talk Fusion’s main office, greeting visitors or silently begging for treats from generous employees she treats like family.

Bob’s passion for team-building extended far into his vision for Talk Fusion. Because he started in the field himself, he knows what sales associates feel and what they need. He even created the Instant Pay Compensation Plan with incentives where associates can qualify for a luxury vacation to Hawaii every year, appropriately dubbed the Talk Fusion Dream Getaway.

“I know that being the CEO of Talk Fusion is an enormous responsibility,” he adds, “but it’s one that I embrace, that I love. You can talk about comp plans and trips and cars, but at the end of the day none of that matters if your spirit is not right. I feel a responsibility to the people in the company who are putting out the effort.

“As the owner of the company, I’m very vigilant about making sure that everything runs as it should and that we give everyone who puts forth the effort a great opportunity to earn income now and many years into the future.”

Talk Fusion Founder & CEO Bob Reina inspiring an international crowd of Associates at the IMAGINE corporate eventAccessibility, approachability and integrity have all been hallmarks of Bob Reina’s path to success in the world of network marketing. Bob Reina has thrived in that world for over twenty years, first in the trenches and today, as a great CEO with one of the best network marketing opportunities.

Above all, he believes in being a team player, something he conveys to all of his employees by being an active part of the team himself.

“I always played sports as a kid,” reflects Bob, “and I think that discipline, and the desire to help your team, really shaped my attitude growing up. Winning was great, but there was something about working toward the goal of everyone winning as a team that really spoke to me. I know that’s why I became a police officer – it gave me that same feeling of accomplishment to serve others.”

Bob creates motivational videos where he speaks directly to associates, he hosts day trips for the corporate team on the company yacht, and he rolls up his sleeves and pitches in on everything from staff meetings to website concepts. His “can-do” attitude is just one of the reasons he’s The World’s Greatest CEO.

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Founder & CEO Bob Reina is an inspiration to Talk Fusion Associates by encouraging them to help others and dream big.

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