Tips from the Top: BEHIND THE SCENES

BEHIND THE SCENES: Tips from the Top

Tips from the Top: BEHIND THE SCENES

After a successful “first season” of his web series Tips from the Top, Talk Fusion Founder & CEO Bob Reina is back with even more insider views on how to make your business the success you have always dreamed. Bob is certainly a fount of knowledge about the direct selling industry in general and the Talk Fusion Opportunity in specific, but there’s much more involved in bringing you each episode of concentrated Talk Fusion wisdom.

Let’s peek behind the video curtain!

It takes a lot of effort and preparation to give you the very best Tips from the Top!While Bob makes it look like he just casually sat down for a motivational talk, each Tips from the Top show is very carefully planned. There’s always a lot going on with Talk Fusion, and there are new innovations and developments almost every day. That’s why Bob and VP of Training and Development Allison Roberts sit down before every taping with the extensive list of show topics. They select the subjects (and release dates) that will be the most relevant and helpful for Talk Fusion Associates.

While they work out the details for each episode, the pros from the Talk Fusion Video Department are getting the lights and the camera ready for some Bob action. This is the team responsible for the incredible CONNECT product videos that you have been sharing with everyone (and here’s the link in case you’re ready to share it a few more times).

Two videos from the new series have been released already: Episode 1: Duplication and Episode 2: Edification. Both can be watched at your convenience on Talk Fusion’s YouTube Channel, as many times as you like. Be sure to share each of these with everyone on your team; this is key information to making the most of your Talk Fusion business! Make popcorn and invite people over for a Bob-Tips-from-the-Top marathon!

Bob and the video crew have several future episodes already shot and nearly complete. To give you a sneak peek at the next show, Episode 3 is (appropriately enough) about the Importance of 3-Way Calls. No Spoilers though: you’ll have to wait until the video is released! Each show makes its online debut on the Talk Fusion Facebook page, so stay tuned to be the first to see (and share!) each new episode when it’s published online!

Next Tip: 3-Way Calls! Each new video is recorded by the best to teach you how to be the best directly from the best! #TFTipsFromTheTop