Video Producer David works magic on the new Business Opportunity video

BEHIND THE SCENES: The Best Opportunity (Video) in the Industry!

Video Producer David works magic on the new Business Opportunity video

These days, technology moves fast and the internet moves even faster. “Buzz” comes from the latest news and the next “big thing.”

That’s why Talk Fusion never sleeps. We’re always innovating, enhancing, and adding to our patent-pending technology; we’re creating the “Buzz.” That’s how our pioneering video communication products constantly stay ahead of the pack—we are always coming up with something new.

The same is also true of our industry-leading marketing materials. We continuously refresh and enhance everything. We have SO many things in motion right now that will absolutely knock your socks off… but much of it is still in the hush-hush stage, so I can’t tell you everything yet.

But I can share some fascinating behind-the-scenes details of our upcoming (and extremely incredible) new Opportunity Presentation Video.


Remember reading about the brand-new, personalized Marketing Site we have heading your way? Well, the main attraction of that site is an automated, high-energy Opportunity Video that will be available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

So allow me to pull back the curtain and give you the sneakiest peek of the process behind creating the “Perfect Presentation.”


Like most creative things, this video started with an idea and a blank sheet of paper. We outlined our current Opportunity Presentation Slides and then held a marathon brainstorming session to figure out how to make them even MORE powerful, more engaging, and, well, even more COOL. It was a daunting task: that presentation received glowing reviews from around the world. How could we possibly make it better?

It all came together with a dynamic new visual look and a combination of sage advice and industry insight from Founder & CEO Bob Reina. With his input and his blessing, the project was off to an exciting start.


Our meeting desk quickly was covered with a literal tablecloth of white paper, each with a text headline or phrase that would be the basis of all-new slides. Every day the pages were rearranged like a large puzzle, looking for the best piece of information to use at the exact right time.

VP of Training and Development Allison Roberts oversees the lengthy process

After the first stage of organization, the content was refined and given temporary graphics while our Creative Director Allyson began to apply her graphic magic. But her imagery would work for more than just a slide show. The presentation was coming together so well that it became obvious: we just had to give this to our Associates as an Opportunity Video so they can share it with their Prospects.

Progression: from concept to design to final slide


That’s when work began fast and furious. While the Art Department was putting together great visuals, the Video Department was figuring out how to take them apart then animate them going back together again. At this point, the video was still a secret, even though we previewed the slides at the May Dream Getaway in Maui, Hawaii.


Meanwhile, Marketing was using the slide layout to create vibrant speaker notes, which were then adapted into a voice-over script with personality.

Over a dozen talented Voice Actors were auditioned, before the perfect voice was selected from four finalists. A 90 minute recording session produced 35 minutes of voice over that had to be processed and edited down for the 10 minute final masterpiece.


If you’re starting to get the idea about how much work we’re investing in this project to make the best presentation you can possibly have… then you’re over halfway there. And so are we!

Right this minute, the Video Department is deep into creating extensive 2D and 3D animations to bring the slides to life. New art is created daily to enhance and expand certain important concepts. The creative team is listening to dozens of music libraries to find the perfect orchestrations to give these slides character and bring the Opportunity Presentation message to LIFE.

Are you excited to see this new presentation video? We’re twice as excited to bring it to you as the centerpiece of your new personalized marketing site. It’s a complex project with one simple goal: make YOUR Talk Fusion business as successful as possible!


Your Prospects will get to experience a fast-paced, captivating video that will describe the fantastic timing, outline our industry-exclusive World’s First Instant Pay Compensation Plan, and showcase our unmatched video communication products. That kind of excitement can lead to only one thing: brand new Associates! And we do all the work for you!

Stay tuned for the release date of the “Perfect Presentation Every Time,” produced for you exclusively by Talk Fusion.