Associate Spotlight: Robert Roder, Royal Blue Diamond

I am so grateful for the opportunity that Talk Fusion gave me on October 1, 2010 to change my life.

When the 2008 housing crisis hit Florida hard, I pretty much lost everything I had worked for over the years. I lost a very successful business and two homes to foreclosure, turned my car keys into the bank, had sick family members, and lost my two dogs on top of that.

At 54, my life was devastated by something I had no control over. Little did I know that a phone call would come from a good friend two years later that would not only begin my journey of recovery, but take me to a level that most only dream about.

That call came from Presidential Blue Diamond Minh Ho. Minh and Julie Ho had been sending me Video Emails on special holidays, so I was aware of Talk Fusion and really liked and respected the products. However, the timing wasn’t quite right for me at that time. But that phone call with the news that Talk Fusion was going global — the timing couldn’t have been better.

I appreciated that Minh and Julie kept communicating with me about Talk Fusion because eventually, the timing was right.

I liked what I saw in terms of the company’s stability; award-winning products; Instant Pay (a game changer in itself); company going global; knowing, trusting and respecting my sponsors, Minh and Julie Ho; and the biggest factor, the person at the helm, CEO and Founder, Bob Reina. Bob is an industry veteran of many years and knows the relationship marketing industry backwards and forwards. He has learned from hands-on experience how to take a company to the top and keep it there. All these factors added up to me being very confident that I was in the right place at the right time. The decision was made!

Beginning part time, in two months I was earning more than my full-time door to door sales job where I was driving day and night on dangerous highways in three counties, risking my life, and struggling to just cover my basics. I was so happy the day I went to the sales manager and told him, “Bye bye, I’m on to my dreams, buddy. Have a good life.”

Ten months later, exactly one year after I joined Talk Fusion, I was able to purchase my beautiful 3-bedroom pool home in Clearwater, Florida for cash! I had moved up the ranks to Blue Diamond in that time period by applying the Diamond Rush training basics! And, I was no longer struggling to just pay the bills.

I’ll never forget how good that felt to own my new home outright, and I still had six figures in the bank after buying my home. None of this would have been possible if I hadn’t partnered with Talk Fusion and was able to bring my work ethic to the table. It’s amazing how plugging into the proven, time-tested system made it all happen.

This was my first phase of success, which was life-changing on its own, but it didn’t stop there.

With the support of Minh, Julie and other dedicated team Associates who were applying the Diamond Rush skills, our team began to pick up momentum around the globe. 

I continued to move up the ranks to Royal Blue Diamond status.  I received the fantastic news when I was in Mexico supporting our team.  And I met my beautiful wife, Enid, in Mexico as well. What a great day that was! So now I have the blessing of a new family, a thriving business in countries all over the world, first-class travel, and an amazing luxury lifestyle! Plus, I’m driving a gorgeous Mercedes Benz courtesy of the company and am able to impact the lives of others — that by far is the greatest gift of all.

Lifting others as we rise is what it’s all about at the end of the day.

Bob Reina shares with us, “Bring us your dreams, and we’ll help you do the rest.” My passion in life is music, and so, one of my dreams is to share my original compositions and songs with as many people as possible around the world.

Because of Talk Fusion, I was able to work intensively for the last three years on recording and producing my debut album, on which some of the songs date back to the 70’s. I’ve been able to work in the best recording studios on the planet and hire the very best studio session musicians you can find to get the sound I’m hearing in my head in final product form. I’ve been able to live abroad in exotic locations for inspiration, and now I’m back with Talk Fusion to realize my mission in life.

The reasons I chose to rejoin forces again with Talk Fusion are many, but the choice was clear! So, are you asking:

Can Talk Fusion help me to achieve my true passion or goals in life?

Absolutely it can. I’m living proof, and I’m not the only one! There are many all around the globe that have achieved incredible success with this one of a kind opportunity! The only thing you need to bring to the table is your dreams, your commitment, your work ethic and your ability to follow and apply the basics covered in Talk Fusion’s Diamond Rush Training System.

If you can get out of your own way, be coachable, and be open to applying the proven formula for success, everything you need is here.

I began this communication with my gratitude for this opportunity and I’m going to end with sharing my gratitude. Thank you to the Founder & CEO, to his amazing staff of professionals, to my sponsors, and to all who’ve contributed in some way or the other to giving me the chance to live my dreams and to accomplish my life’s work. Thank you!

Long live Talk Fusion!

— Rob Roder, Royal Blue Diamond

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