Associate Spotlight: How Nonhlanhla Hadebe Is Changing The World

My name is Nonhlanhla Hadebe. I reside in Durban, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. I grew up with a stricken family, and my parents worked hard for us to survive.

I didn’t have any qualifications, but when I got married and had my second child, I had to stand up for myself as my child could not get enough formula and my husband was not earning much. I was invited by a Nursing Sister to a presentation of Relationship Marketing. It was a Chinese company selling nutrition products. That moment was when I decided to change my lifestyle, because I was tired of living  a life that I did not choose. Nothing was impossible if I set my mind to it.

This year makes my 21st anniversary in Relationship Marketing and though life hasn’t been easy, — I failed so many times — I didn’t give up because I saw Relationship Marketing can offer more money than regular employment. This is the reason I chose to join Talk Fusion.

Why I Chose Talk Fusion

  1. Talk Fusion has been around for 11 years, while most companies come and go.
  2. This company is the only one in the world that offers Instant Pay, paying you just 3 minutes after a sale. It’s a game changer!
  3. It opened my eyes — why would people wake up and go to work, when we can wake up and work with Talk Fusion, even in the comfort of our homes? And I can share this with other people!

I then decided to start spreading the word and try to change the mindset of many people that believe that life is full of underemployment! There are very few opportunities where I’m from. I wish to help anyone who will take the time to listen to what I say: that you have the opportunity to change your life as long as you follow the Diamond Rush System.

My goal is that my team and I ALL have a Mercedes Benz to drive from Talk Fusion by this December! Once I dream about something, I live it, believe you me!

We will be an unstoppable team starting from Kwazulu Natal and spreading all over Africa!

I have never seen such a supportive team, my word, from all over: 1 Star David Jones from the Caribbean, 2 Star Adam Broker from California, 1 Star Peter Borggaard from France, and our humble Leaders and Presidential Blue Diamonds Minh and Julie Ho in Las Vegas! These dedicated people will wake up just to help with one Prospect! No wonder Talk Fusion is exploding around the world; the love and support are tremendous!

Not forgetting the inspirational people Minh & Julie Ho, you are really, really amazing leaders; I am always touched when I see you testifying about your previous life because I 100% know what you are talking about. Please keep on keeping on, you inspire so many people! I’d also like to thank 2 Star and soon-to-be Diamond Mr. Robert Chin and Royal Blue Diamond Rob Roder for presenting our Diamond Rush Training with EXCELLENCE! It’s time to Go Diamond!

With love,