Assembling Your Dream Pieces

Assembling Your Dream Pieces

The famous motto, “anything is possible if you believe” echoes nicely; but is belief really all it takes to reach a dream?

There is no doubt that visualization is a fantastic tool for success, but wishing is only the first grip of the doorknob, only the foundation of a goal. You have to do something to create something—you have to turn the handle. Results are produced from action, not from daydreams. If we hope to achieve our hilltop ambitions, then we need to clearly define our goals: we need to draw out real steps, and we need to dedicate real time.

Where do you see yourself in…years?

Unlike dreams, goals have timelines: they are placed on paper with fixed boarders and edges, and they are made up of action words; instead of “I wish,” a goal says, “I will.”

As the outlines of our steps, goals provide us with clear images of the picturesque futures we intend on actualizing. By defining where you are headed and how you plan on getting there, a goal gives you a spot on the wall toward which you can direct your aim.

Look ahead: It’s the BIG one

Let’s brush doubt aside for a moment and let your imagination take over—what is your dream life? Be specific: where do you live, who are you with, and what does your routine look like?

When the going gets tough, this is the scene to remember: that one long-term objective that drives your actions to make everything else worth the fight—in short, this is your purpose. Write down that long-term goal, make certain it’s measureable, and ensure no feature is left behind. If you feel as though your ambition is too big, continue exploring its details until something about the picture feels almost touchable, keeping in mind that most dreams won’t seem entirely realistic until you’ve already reached them.

Obstacles will be inevitable on this adventure, but your long-term goal will help shrink them down to size: giving you a “why” that quiets the voice telling you to give up.

One Brick at a Time

Whether your main aspiration is relatively small…

Or larger than life…

Your must break your dream down into bit-sized pieces. Think of your primary objective as the final tile on a board game—the “finish” line in a race. Because of its distance from the start, your early movements may seem insignificant, but you must never forget that they matter; this is where short-term goals come into play.

While a single step in a marathon feels insignificant, that same stride in a 100-meter sprint means absolutely everything. As your greatest champion of defeatism, short-term goals give you a series of quieter, traceable victories on the journey to your breakthrough.

Giving you an immediate rush that appeals to instant-gratification sensors, short-term goals keep your energy, enthusiasm, and motivation constant. By mapping out exactly how you plan to get through daily steps, your biggest objective will also find its timeline, meaning your distant dream will start to feel visible and attainable.

LIVE Your Goals

If we keep our dreams in the world of sleep, then we agree to quit before ever opening our eyes. It’s what we do with our aspirations that draws our tomorrows. Create a clear picture, look toward that one long-term target as the fire to keep you motivated, and never stop checking off all those short-term goals you’ve built to keep you on track.