Anatomy of a Free Trial

Anatomy of a Free Trial

It’s one of the most exciting offers to ever come from Talk Fusion: the 30 day Free Trial of our all-in-one Video Marketing Solution! Launching on April 12, the Free Trial program will let any person or business (home-based, small, medium, or large) try every single one of our products for free for thirty days.

The entire goal of Free Trials is to let people “try before they buy” and experience everything our products have to offer.

With all the excitement surrounding the announcement, it’s easy to overlook the actual Free Trial experience itself. What will it be like for someone going through a Free Trial? If you’re going to hand them out, you should know what it’s like being part of a Free Trial, right? So let’s shine the spotlight on the Free Trial Experience!

The Offer

So many ways to offer a 30 day Free Trial!

Anyone is a perfect candidate to become a Free Trial User and there are many ways to offer them a Free Trial. It could be as simple as calling someone you know on the phone, sending your contacts a Video Email or Video Newsletter with a Free Trial template, or even meeting new people in person and handing them a colorful Free Trial product brochure.

No matter how you get their attention, once you have it, you’ll send prospective Free Trial Users to your self-replicated marketing site ( or self-replicated join site ( Visitors who go directly to the corporate site at will also be able to sign up for Free Trials (and if they decide to buy, they will automatically be assigned to an Associate upline.)

The Sign-up

Signing up for Talk Fusion 30 day Free Trials is EASY!

Getting started with a new 30 day Free Trial couldn’t be easier. The new Free Trial User clicks a “Try It Now” button and is taken to an extremely EASY online sign-up form. It’s absolutely risk free; no credit card is needed. Just a name, email address, and password. SIMPLE!

Once the Free Trial User confirms their email address (so we know we’re sending messages to the right person) they can start using Talk Fusion’s all-in-one Video Marketing Solution right away for 30 days – FREE!

The Experience

Free Trial Users get to experience the full versions of Talk Fusion's video marketing products for 30 days risk free at no charge

The entire goal of Free Trials is to let people “try before they buy” and experience everything our products have to offer. For us, that means letting them use the actual, final versions of all of our products—the same versions our Customers and Associates use. (For the duration of the trial, email contacts are limited to 500 addresses and Live Meetings participants limited to 50 guests; however, Free Trial Users get to try the full-featured versions of ALL of Talk Fusion’s Video Marketing Solution products for 30 days FREE!)

Every button, every option, every product advantage is there for them to try firsthand. The Free Trial User gets instant access to Video Email, Video Newsletters, Video Chat, Live Meetings, and Sign-up Forms through a special version of the Product Dashboard. They’ll see how many days they have left on their trial and they can sign up for one of our three affordable Monthly Plans at any time.

There is a lot for a Free Trial User to learn in a short period of time, but we’re right there with them every step of the way.

Marketing Auto Responders

Free Trial Users receive an email marketing campaign throughout their trial

Once the trial begins, the Free Trial User will automatically receive an exciting new marketing email every four days, highlighting different video products and how they can be used to improve their marketing and boost business. The emails will provide tips and guidance, helpful links, tutorials, statistics, and resources.

We want to inspire Free Trial Users with new ideas and encourage them to try Talk Fusion’s Video Marketing Solution as much as possible. We check in with them just enough to remind them about all of the incredible uses for our video marketing products without sending too many messages.

The emails also remind them as their Free Trial comes to an end and motivate them to convert to a full Monthly Plan.

Thirty days is a short amount of time to learn everything, so we want to make sure the Free Trial User feels confident in using the products—and that’s where our special resources come in.

The Resources

Links, white papers, tutorials and articles are powerful resources to help a Free Trial User get the most from their trial

We give Free Trial Users a virtual library of material to help them learn more about Talk Fusion’s Video Marketing Solution and how it can boost their business, increase brand loyalty, and give them a huge advantage over the competition.

Our marketing emails provide links to step-by-step product tutorial videos, insightful white papers that give them best practices for email and marketing strategy, and targeted articles designed specifically to showcase Talk Fusion’s video marketing products and guide them to getting the best results.

We have 30 days to help them fall in love with our all-in-one Video Marketing Solution.

Call to Action

Time to buy! Three Monthly Plans based on marketing and budget needs

At any time during their 30 days, a Free Trial User can sign up to become a full-time Customer. We give them three affordable Monthly Plans to choose from that they will love as much as they love the products themselves. In essence, they get to “choose what they use” based on their budget and marketing needs, with no hidden fees and no long-term contracts! (Plus, they can save up to 20% if they pre-pay!)

Free Trial Users have links to become a Customer on their special Product Dashboard and in each of their auto responder marketing emails. They’ll get a full overview of the pricing plans that give them details on Talk Fusion’s unbeatable value and how we stack up against the competition (for those who don’t know: the competition can’t even come close to matching our price OR our features and functionality).

We want to inspire Free Trials Users with new ideas and encourage them to try Talk Fusion’s Video Marketing Solution as much as possible.

Talk Fusion’s 30 day Free Trial program gives people a chance to try all of our incomparable products for themselves with absolutely no risk. Because, as our Founder & CEO Bob Reina says: “Who can say no to ‘FREE’?”