Video Marketing Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

7 Video Marketing Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

We’ve all seen it: the poor quality promotion with a nervous presenter, confusing message, and tacky script. It’s the type of advertisement that instantly deflates a brand’s value and forever deters an audience, but it’s also preventable.

1. Forgetting Your Audience

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How do you create an ad that appeals to the entire population at once? It’s a billion-dollar question and here’s the long-awaited answer: you can’t. People are different (it’s what makes our world such an interesting place), and no matter the content, you can never please absolutely everyone.

If you plan on reaching every consumer through a single clip, you’ll miss your mark altogether. Focus on one target audience at a time, customize your promotion to that group’s specific needs, and watch how your ad accomplishes more, with less.

2. Selling Everything at Once

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Every video commercial should have one clear message that holds relevancy to your business. Are there several topics you’d like to discuss? If yes, that’s fantastic, but split your content up into separate pieces. Cover too much ground at once, and viewers will be unable to recall any specific point. Strive to stay under 60-90 seconds, center on one feature, and remember, by speaking to everyone and about everything, you’ll end up speaking to no one about nothing.

3. Never Making a Point

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The aim of a video advertisement is to create productive action. If you develop an amusing cat video with no clear relation to what you are selling, that rising view count has no traction when it comes to your personal service. Before drawing out that next great idea, ask yourself two important questions: “Why am I making this video and what do I hope to gain?” If your clip doesn’t contribute to these goals, it serves no lasting purpose.

4. Ignoring Your Brand

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To grab an audience and spark interest, place your selling points at the start of the ad and establish who you are. A typical video will see a 20% drop in engagement after the first 10 seconds, so you’ll want to get your name and message across quickly. Keep your voice consistent as well, as this will help you establish a lasting and memorable personality (think of the Nike “Just Do It” campaign or easily recognizable Energizer Bunny).

5. Appearing Desperate

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If you’re aggressively talking at your audience, viewers will quickly approach your business with a skeptical eye. Consumers prefer to feel like their decision is their own idea; instead of pushing your offering, choose to simply explain and focus on the benefits. By relating to your audience and sharing a story through a more relaxed tone, your ad will naturally encourage engagement.

6. Having an Uncomfortable Presenter

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To be entertaining, a marketing video must be creative, capitalize on a company’s strengths, and have a speaker who does well in front of the camera. If you’re struggling with this last step, reach out to someone you know for help, or consider hiring outside talent. Sort through any reasons why a video may feel awkward during the playback, and make the appropriate adjustments.

7. Instructions Not Included

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When your commercial rolls through its closing scene, your audience is excited and driven to make a purchase; don’t forget to include that final compelling call to action. Whether you’re asking a viewer to place an order, call your office, or visit your website, clearly point out that next step so there’s never any confusion.

Your Perfect Marketing Campaign

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Capable of producing wide-reaching results, video is taking over the business world. Keep an eye out for common video marketing mistakes, and you’ll secure the full rewards of this advertising powerhouse: developing promotions that inform an audience, inspire curiosity, and create movement.