Talk Fusion recommends 7 best apps for productivity

7 Apps to Boost Your Productivity

Talk Fusion recommends 7 best apps for productivityNo matter the task, we all strive to master the clock and work more efficiently. Thankfully, with millions of phone and desktop applications available at our fingertips, working smarter is easier today than ever before.

Dedicated to bringing simplicity back into your life, we’re walking you through seven of our all-time favorite apps – all catered to helping you save time and stay on track of your goals.

Nirvana: It’s More Than Just a To-Do List

If you’re constantly scribbling the words “To-Do” across your notebook planner, then Nirvana’s clever organization system is the perfect tool for your life. Instead of just writing down upcoming responsibilities, Nirvana allows you to assign customized labels for each task, create project folders, schedule due dates, and prioritize items based on their urgency.

Think of Nirvana as your virtual personal assistant. Here to keep you on top of your game, Nirvana has a setting that even sends you reminder emails at the start of each day, so you never forget what’s most important. As an added benefit, the app is also designed for all devices, so whether you’re working from the web, an iOS device, or Android phone, your task list is always syncing across all your favorite platforms.

Evernote app

Capture Ideas in a New Way with Evernote

We all think differently, so shouldn’t the “notes” sections in our phones be just as flexible? Evernote’s charm is that it allows you to express an idea however you wish, whether this be typed, handwritten, drawn, photographed, screenshot, or recorded via video or voice memo.

Evernote is available on every device imaginable (from Android, Blackberry 10, and iOS to MacOS, Windows, and Windows Phone 8), and users are free to file notes into different “notebooks” for easier finding. Bringing extra order to your life, the app also gives you the option to annotate, tag, collaborate, and search any note in the system so that no stroke of brilliance is ever lost.

Save Your Articles with Pocket

Pocket is for those of us who are constantly bookmarking webpage links and thinking “I should read this later.” Giving you freedom to save and scroll, Pocket is the app that let’s you conveniently clip full articles and podcasts for later reading or listening.

No matter what tool you chose to use, Pocket automatically syncs across your Android phone, iOS device, Kindle Fire, and computer. For easier discovery, you can also organize your clippings based on self-created tag names. Pocket is one of our favorite apps for increasing efficiency because it frees up your now and makes productive use of all the future downtime you may have waiting in lines or traveling.

Qapital mobile app

Money Motivation with Qapital

Have you ever put a dollar into a jar for a rainy day? If so, then you’ve already mastered the idea behind Qapital.

As a virtual piggy bank, Qapital connects all of your bank accounts to your iOS or Android device and helps you start saving for those purchases that really matter.

The app has a number of rules that you can choose to apply to your purchases, such as rounding up transactions and placing the remaining change into your Qapital account or creating reoccurring monthly drafts. For an extra productivity boost, you can even financially reward yourself for getting a job done or trigger withdrawals every time you engage in a guilty pleasure. Qapital’s benefit is that it not only helps you save, but it also encourages you think about your daily decisions by attaching a monetary value to your actions.

CoPilot: Your #1 Navigation App

GPS applications are great, but many of them leave us fumbling with our phones instead of focusing on the road ahead. Designed with the driver in mind, CoPilot’s easy-to-use interface ensures that you never miss your turn or lose time because of confusing controls or unclear road paths.

Available on Android and iOS, CoPilot has everything you’d expect out of a GPS app and then some. Traditional benefits include the ability to see alternative trip options, traffic visuals, and approaching attractions such as rest stops, garages, and restaurants. CoPilot then separates itself from the pack by giving you the option to view speed limit alerts, save data by setting up offline navigation, change your route depending on the size of your vehicle, and view 2D and 3D maps with lane assist and easy-to-follow visuals.

Talk Fusion Live Meetings mobile app

Connect with Talk Fusion Live Meetings

No matter your business or personal aspirations, live meetings are known for helping brands to build relations, reduce travel costs, save time, and increase exposure. The challenge with live broadcasts is that users are often limited to where they can connect, bringing an unexpected burden to this otherwise useful marketing tool. With the Talk Fusion Live Meetings app, you’re free to easily start and join videoconferences from anywhere, all from the convenience of your tablet or phone.

Available on iOS and Android devices, Talk Fusion Live Meetings give you the freedom to broadcast, share slides, chat, and pass presenter controls. If you’re an attendee, no account registration or username is required, making it even easier for presenters to connect with their network and encourage others to join.

Track Your Efficiency with RescueTime

It’s easy to succumb to distractions when no one is looking. But with RescueTime running on the background of your Mac, PC, or Android device, those YouTube and web spirals are being watched by your worst critic: you.

Because sometimes you have to look something in the face to really see its impact, RescueTime uses real-time monitoring and daily reports to show you just how much time you spend procrastinating throughout a day, week, or year. As an added bonus, you’ll also gain a deeper understanding of how long it normally takes you to complete productive tasks as well, such as checking your emails or researching new material.

RescueTime is an app that puts responsibility in our own hands and reminds us that, if we hope to be successful in the business world, it’s imperative that we remain conscious of how we’re using our time.

Making Life a Little Easier

No matter your goal or ambition, your phone, tablet, and computer are all here to help streamline your productivity. Take advantage of the opportunities around you and see how these new ways of approaching life can bring about a new way of being.