40 Great Content Ideas for Your Next Video Email

40 Great Content Ideas for Your Next Video Email

40 Great Content Ideas for Your Next Video EmailYou’re no slouch; you already know building customer relationships is vital for businesses. And that using a creative marketing strategy like Video Email sets you apart from the competition in a big way (it’s fast, easy, and leaves a lasting impression). But even the most dedicated business people can get stumped by one very important aspect: What do you say to your customers?

Sometimes finding the right message, the perfect words or even a simple reason to reach out can be tough. We’re here to help. Check out these 40 great content ideas for your next Video Email (and the one after that and the one after that…):

1. Thanks for Your Interest
2. It Was Great Meeting You
3. Welcome to Our Mailing List
4. Customer Rewards Program
5. Thanks for Being a Valued Customer
6. Thanks for Your Referral
7. How Are We Doing?
8. Appointment Reminders
9. Thank You for Your Purchase
10. Most Popular Items
11. Clearance Sale
12. Big Sale
13. New Product or Service
14. Recommendations for You
15. This Week’s Specials
16. Coupons Just For You
17. Recommended Business Partners
18. Staff Spotlight
19. Customer Testimonials
20. Virtual Tour of Our Store/Office
21. Exciting News
22. You’re Invited
23. Event Promotions
24. We’re Having a Fundraiser
25. Thanks for Your Donation
26. Here’s a Sneak Peek
27. Following Up (It’s Been a While)
28. Enter Our Contest
29. Helpful Tips
30. Fun Facts
31. Coming Soon
32. Then and Now (Throwback to Our Humble Beginnings)
33. See How Our Product is Made
34. Happy Birthday
35. Happy Holidays
36. Great Gift Ideas
37. 10 Things You Can Do With Our Product
38. Trending Topics
39. Follow Us on Social Media
40. Share Your Pictures Using Our Hashtag

Once you’ve snagged your next topic, head over to your Product Dashboard to find the perfect Video Email template to support your message. Are you sharing the exciting news of an upcoming promotion or event? Be sure to request a custom template!

Even if you’re just saying “Thanks” for a recent purchase, the personal connection you make with every customer interaction is invaluable. No matter your business, Talk Fusion is here to help you build relationships, establish brand loyalty, and blow past your competitors. So choose your first topic, record your video, and wow your customers with your sincerity!