Talk Fusion Independent Associates at Dubai Airport

18 Feelings You Experience as a Talk Fusion Associate

Talk Fusion Independent Associates at Dubai AirportBuilding your own Talk Fusion business sparks a wide range of emotions: Excitement. Anticipation. Pride. Determination… and everything in between.

Here are 18 feelings our Associates know all too well. Any of these sound familiar?

1. When the whole squad qualifies for Dream Getaway.

2. Riding around in your free Mercedes-Benz.

3. When you realize you hit the next rank.

4. When you’re on a Live Meeting with team members around the world.

5. Waiting for a company-wide broadcast to start.

6. Waking up to a dozen Instant Pay notifications #ChaCHING

7. When you catch Founder & CEO Bob Reina’s vision for the first time.

8. When you can cross something off your dream board!

9. After you send your first Video Email.

10. When you find out we’ve won another Product of the Year award.

11. Watching your team members get recognized on stage at an event :’)

12. When you successfully achieve 2 in 72.

13. When you miss the next rank by only a few cycles.

Hang in there, buddy. You’ll get ’em next time!

14. After donating your free Charity Account.

15. Testing out new product features liiiiike:

16. When you meet a new team member.

17. When someone asks, “What’s a Video Email?”

18. The moment you realize there’s no place you’d rather be than Talk Fusion.

To experience these feelings for yourself, visit Talk and start your Talk Fusion journey today!