Follow these tips to excel in sales

10 Daily Activities for the Serious Entrepreneur

Follow these tips to excel in sales
If you want a sound mind, you meditate. For a sound body, drink lots of water, exercise consistently, and get lots of rest. And if you want to keep the doctor away, eat an apple a day (or so we’ve read).

But what should you do every day to maintain a healthy business?

We studied the habits and teachings of some of the world’s most admired and accomplished entrepreneurs—from Talk Fusion Founder & CEO Bob Reina to Tony Robbins and Grant Cardone—to provide you with this daily checklist for success.

1. Be conscious of time.

Multi-tasking It doesn’t matter if you’re sleeping, eating, or working—time is money. Wasting your precious time is just as horrific as throwing money out of your car window (gasp!) or shoving it down the drain.

Instead, do as Tony Robbins says: “Be conscious of all the time you have. Then take advantage.”

Make the most of every minute of your day by turning idle time into self-improvement time, like listening to educational or motivational podcasts during your morning commute or even practicing your business invitations in the shower. Devote those extra minutes to your business so you can improve your results!

2. Define your goals.

Define your goals

Approach your journey to success just like you would a road trip. Before you embark on a cross-state trek, you map out the route to see how and when you’ll reach your destination. If you wait too long to type your point of interest into Google Maps, you might have to turn around or reconfigure your route, costing you extra time, money, and aggravation in the end.

In this case, think of your goals as the all-important highway exits and landmarks noted on your map. First, you have to identify what it is you want to achieve—for example, qualifying for Destination: Dubai by November 6th. Then you have to figure out what it will take to get there.

It doesn’t matter if your goal will take you two days or two months to achieve; self-made millionaire Grand Cardone advises that you write them down daily, right after waking up in the morning. No distractions, no excuses, and no time wasted—just you and your pen and paper, designing a blueprint for massive business domination.

Way to go, success strategist.

3. Eliminate non-revenue-producing activities from your schedule.

Founder & CEO Bob Reina built his own network marketing empire for 20+ years before launching Talk Fusion in 2007. Something he’s learned along the way—and shared with thousands of Associates around the world—is that success requires commitment and sacrifice.

“You have to be committed to the business. You will not make it if you are provisionally committed,” Founder & CEO Bob Reina explains in this Tips from the Top episode:

Simply put, you have to make the time if you want to make the big bucks. And sometimes that means skipping the things you enjoy—like watching the big game or sleeping in.

Think about it: how will tonight’s episode of your favorite TV show help you reach the next rank? It won’t. But adding 30 new names to your Prospects List and inviting them to join the business sure will! Don’t let little distractions rob you of prime business opportunities and that all-important extra income you want so badly to earn.

4. Collaborate with your team members.

Team-building activities at Talk Fusion Dream Getaway The best part about building your own network marketing business is leverage: when you have more people contributing to your income than just yourself.

While working with others to reach a common goal is awesome and incredibly rewarding, it involves hard work and placing a strong emphasis on training and teamwork.

Don’t assume every team member is the same. People in your organization will vary in skill set, personality type, product knowledge, sales experience, and commitment level. To ensure that your business runs like a well-oiled machine, huddle up with your team every day. Grant Cardone says these meetings “should be meaningful, effective, and energizing” and “20 minutes MAX!”

Motivate your downline, discuss your game plan, and—very importantly—make sure everyone is in sync, following the Diamond Rush’s proven system and staying focused on his or her goals! These meetings are also the perfect opportunity to check in on team progress and set expectations (like a daily Invitation quota) before everyone goes their separate ways.

5. Teach, listen, repeat.

Talk Fusion Diamond Days in IndonesiaThe most incredible athletes, artists, and scientists in the world reserve time each day to enhance or perfect their craft or skill set. Why should you be any different? After all, Albert Einstein said, “Once you stop learning, you start dying.”

No matter your level of success, never assume you’re too good for a classic training or Q & A session with your team. Get plugged in to at least one Opportunity Presentation and Diamond Rush Training every day.

Save Yourself Stress Time Energy & Money by teaching our system (see what we did there?) and freshening up on your own recruiting approach. Communicate and collaborate to help others grow. Answer questions to inform and build up new leaders. Show your Personally Sponsored Associates how to earn while they learn.

And never forget…

Invitation. Presentation. Follow-up. Get Plugged In. Repeat.

Invitation. Presentation. Follow-up. Get Plugged In. Repeat.

Invitation. Presentation. Follow-up. Get Plugged In. Repeat.

…It’s the heartbeat of our business!

6. Follow up, follow up, follow up!

Follow up with a 3-way callOver the course of your day, you should spend at least 30 minutes touching base with potential new customers and prospects. Why waste your time guessing? Don’t wait for your prospect to pick up the phone; call them. Constantly do check-ins to see who’s serious about making extra income.

That soccer mom who complained about money being tight during the entire game last night? Give her a call and remind her that she can turn it all around by making extra income from home. The mechanic who started his 30-day Free Trial on Monday? Send him a Video Email and ask how much he loves our All-in-One Video Marketing Solution.

Leave no stone unturned.

Because let’s face it—just passing out Business Opportunity DVDs and product brochures like Halloween candy helps no one become a six-figure earner. In order for these marketing tools to be effective, you have to follow up!

7. Keep the phone lines busy.

SmartphoneTake a look at your call log—and at your team. How many calls are being made daily? What percentage of those calls close sales? Are you generating referrals? Are those referrals converting to new team members or customers?

When Founder & CEO Bob Reina was building a home-based business, he made the 3-Way Call an integral part of his team’s methods and culture. He even needed multiple phone batteries to get through an average day.

If that isn’t what your day sounds like, you need to make a change.

“There were times when my phone bill was higher than my commission check,” Bob recalls, “but I kept pushing. I knew I was on to something and it was well worth it.”

Create the culture. Set the standard (and the example). You should always be reaching out to new prospects, edifying your upline, and helping your team members succeed—even on the weekends!

8. Surround yourself with inspiration.

Vision boardWhy did you join this business? What did you set out to achieve? What fuels your motivation? What is your dream lifestyle?

Don’t just run the answers through your head—find them, print them, cut them out, and stick those daily motivators on your vision board.

Make sure your vision board is visible. Visit it daily, and reflect on your journey.

Add new images from time to time: your kids, your dream house, your top 5 travel destinations, a stunning Rolex… anything and everything that will accelerate your drive to succeed all day long.

Encourage your team members to do the same! Take it from Tony Robbins: that’s how you bring about real change in your organization. “Create a championship mindset that translates into powerful action,” he says, “where your team is working harder and smarter – totally invested in becoming its best.”

9. Reserve at least 10-15 minutes for all-important self-development and motivation.

Read motivational books on successThe #1 requirement for achieving success is changing your mindset. Tony Robbins firmly believes that “Failure breeds failure. Success breeds success.”

You have to be prepared to win all day, every day. It’s something that can’t be developed overnight. It takes time, strategy, practice, and effort—which means you should invest in self-development each day.

Read books on success; surround yourself with positive, driven people; even share your favorite empowering quotes on social media to spread the message. While these activities won’t directly result in a hefty commission check, they can help you develop the confidence, posture, and winning mindset necessary for bringing more people into your organization and becoming the success you’ve always wanted to be.

10. Go out and meet people!

Meet new people on the Talk Fusion yachtJust because you’re building a “home-based business” doesn’t mean you’re confined to your living room couch or kitchen table. Get out of the house and meet people!

Be present in your community. Attend events. Take the dog for a walk. Support small businesses. Sign up for seminars! Wherever you go, rock your Talk Fusion gear so you’re always be prepared to meet and engage a new prospect (and don’t forget to pack your business cards and DVDs).

For this, and all the other tips you’ve learned today that will make tomorrow great, you can thank us later… and make us proud! These pointers are the time-tested and proven keys to building habits and lifestyles worth bragging about. Now go make it happen, one day at a time!